Earthy and yet surprisingly refreshing? Yep, that's Patchouli Lime.

As the temperature turns warmer and the days get longer, we find ourselves reaching for one of our newest aromas, Patchouli Lime. There's just something about the combination of citrus, warmth, and sharp greenness that feels so evocative of summer. In today's Scent Series, we'll dive deeper into the inspiration behind this fabulous SunLeaf Signature Scent, as well as give you some ideas for use at home.


Eleven years ago, our President and Founder, Teresa Andrys, set out on a mission to leverage her decades-long experience working as a personal care product chemist to bring something completely new to the table: a collection of products made with only the best ingredients – whole plant oils, butters and waxes, and 100% pure essential oil aroma.

Today, we offer a wide assortment of products in ten SunLeaf Signature Scents. Each aroma is thoughtfully created from a palette of natural raw materials – oils of citrus, flowers, resins, bark, and more; from there, we infuse our aromas into functional, beautiful products for your home – candles, pure essential oil reed diffusers, and more. With our collection of signature aromas, we offer a little something for everyone, from relaxing ClarySage Lavender to spicy Cinnamon Cypress.

New to the lineup but already surging in popularity is Patchouli Lime, and with just a few deep breaths, it's easy to see why.

All About Patchouli Lime

Awakening and restorative, Patchouli Lime's complexity makes it a bit of an enigma  – opening notes of fresh citrus and green crushed leaves give way to a warm, earthy base; yet, no one note dominates. Made with a blend of zesty lime, herbal marjoram, punchy black pepper, and warm, woodsy patchouli, it's a surprising combination of botanical notes. 

Even if you're not necessarily a fan of patchouli by itself, you very well may be surprised to find that you enjoy this aroma. If you're looking for something unique and fresh, give Patchouli Lime a try. Here's how:

Our Favorite Ways to Experience Patchouli Lime

At SunLeaf, we're all about experiencing pure joy – in the products we use, and in everyday life. Patchouli Lime brings a smile to your face and a warm and welcoming scent to your space.

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Love my newest favorite. I ordered the gift box for me! Great products. Thanks!