At SunLeaf, our specialty is blending pure essential oils to create beautiful aromas for everyday healthy living.

The 100% pure essential oils that we use to create our signature scents are extracted by highly experienced producers using non-toxic methods, and each lot is tested and certified for quality. This ensures that the aroma that forms the backbone of each and every product we sell is as safe as it is beautiful.

Rosy Geranium

Restoring & Uplifting

A fresh floral bouquet, featuring top notes of geranium and sparkling citrus, complimented with lavender and warm woods.

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Orange Ginger

Energizing & Uplifting

A juicy, mouthwatering aroma, featuring vibrant sweet orange and zingy lemongrass, rounded out with spicy ginger and clove.

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Lemon Vetiver

Clarifying & Inspiring

A sparkling citrus aroma featuring fresh lemon, with earthy undertones of vetiver and patchouli.

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Cinnamon Cypress

Warming & Centering

A deeply resonant aroma comprised of fresh, woody cypress and patchouli, warmed with sweet cinnamon.

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Amyris Bergamot

Centering & Cheering

A crisp, bright aroma featuring sparkling grapefruit and Italian bergamot, grounded with woody amyris.

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ClarySage Lavender

Calming & Relaxing

A soothing herbal aroma, featuring aromatic lavender on a bed of grounding clary sage, brightened by a touch of citrus.

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Cedar Mint

Refreshing & Revitalizing

A vibrant herbal aroma featuring cooling peppermint and grounding Atlas cedarwood, with a hint of sparkling citrus.

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Olibanum Spruce

Meditative & Balancing

A woody, resinous aroma featuring Canadian spruce and balsam fir, warmed with precious olibanum (frankincence).

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