Certificates of Analysis

When it comes to ingredient quality, we believe in supply chain transparency. Unfortunately, as essential oils have become more popular and sought-after, there has been a marked increase in the incidence of adulteration, or the intentional alteration, contamination, or dilution of these precious liquids, in order to 'extend' them, or to pass off inferior product for a higher price.

At SunLeaf, we require that our suppliers furnish a Certificate of Analysis for each batch of essential oil that we purchase. This document reflects the results of a wide variety of analytical chemistry techniques in order to demonstrate essential oil quality and purity. We want you to feel confident that our products are 100% pure and safe, so we publish those certificates of analysis here for your review.

Click from the list of available documents below to view the certificate of analysis by lot for any of our Single-Note Essential Oils. The lot number is indicated with a sticker on the bottom of each bottle of essential oil we sell.

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