What Are Essential Oils?

On Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

From Facebook to the office; from the classroom to the car, talk of essential oils seems to be everywhere these days. But what are essential oils, anyway, and how are they used? How should they be used? Fear not! We're here to cut through the confusion!

Essential Oils: Volatile Aromatics

Essential oils are, at their most basic level, mixtures of dozens – sometimes even hundreds – of unique volatile aromatic compounds. Yikes, that sounds like a mouthful, doesn't it?! Don't let the term scare you away – it just means that essential oils have noticeable scents that are easy to detect because they evaporate readily at room temperature. 

Essential oils are revered for their pleasant natural aromas – after all, they come directly from plants. At SunLeaf, we use only essential oils that are extracted using steam, cold pressing, or supercritical CO2 extraction, and we retain a certificate of analysis for each lot. Doing so allows us to ensure that we are using only the highest quality essential oils available, sometimes referred to as 'therapeutic grade', which really just means that they are pure and unadulterated – important benchmarks to look for as a consumer.

Pure Plant Scents: The Heart of SunLeaf

At SunLeaf, our specialty has always been blending pure essential oils to create beautiful aromas for everyday healthy living. Complex and mysterious, our pure plant scents are expertly blended in-house, and each contains upwards of a half-dozen individual essential oils. We also offer single essential oils so you can blend your own scents and make DIY goodies.

How to Use Essential Oils

Whether you're an avid essential oil connosseur or an amateur just getting started, it is our objective to make sure that you use essential oils safely and effectively. Although the vast majority of the products we create are formulated to be ready-to-use, our Aromatherapy Blends and Single-Note Essential Oils should be used with care. As with any pure essential oil product, follow these simple guidelines for use:



  • Dilute essential oils before applying them topically
  • Follow instructions for use, and pay attention to indications
  • Choose scents you truly enjoy!
  • Take essential oils internally
  • Use essential oils on or around infants or young children
  • Use the essential oil of a plant you know yourself to be allergic to

For a sunny disposition, use frequently and share often. Enjoy!