Our Causes

Protecting Fresh Water

SunLeaf is located in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, so it should come as no surprise that protecting our freshwater resources is of critical importance to us. What may be surprising is just how much we do to ensure that we have a positive, or at least a neutral, effect on our lakes, streams, and other vulnerable ecosystems.

We donate 5% of total proceeds to the Freshwater Society to support the organization in its effort to educate and inspire people to value, conserve, and protect freshwater resources

Beyond committing to support the Freshwater Society in its independent work, we formulate our products to be 100% biodegradable, and use only fully recyclable and/or compostable packaging.

The manufacture of our products uses very little water, and we use no synthetic preservatives, fragrances, petrochemical ingredients, or other materials that are harmful to aquatic life.


Protecting Our Pollinators

SunLeaf is committed to protecting pollinators, which face the threat of colony collapse and extinction due to the use of certain persistent chemical pollutants, among other factors.

We own and operate a Honey Bee Apiary on the Seminary Fen, a rare and protected ecosystem on the Minnesota River in Chaska, MN. These hives are the source of our pure, raw SunLeaf Apiaries Honey, which we harvest in small batches annually.

In addition, all SunLeaf products are formulated with pollinator-friendly pure plant ingredients, and contain no harmful synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or other persistent chemicals that could pose a threat to the broader ecosystem.

We donate 5% of proceeds from our Honey Soaps, Filled Candles, and SunLeaf Apiaries Honey to the University of Minnesota Bee Lab, which operates a large research facility in neighboring Wisconsin.