Our Human Impact

Plastic in our oceans. Polyethylene micro-beads in our seafood. "Flushable" wipes destroying our sewers and septic systems. Our human impact on aquatic and land-based ecosystems is significant – and it can all seem like more than what one person can reasonably address. But the truth is that every choice we make contributes to a broader set of outcomes, and making even simple changes in our lives – from the products we choose to purchase and use, to the way we dispose of our waste – can make a big difference.

Becoming a Conscious Consumer

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, we are often asked the question,  "beyond the basics, like recycling and being mindful of overall consumption, what can a person do to help preserve and conserve?" Our reply: the most straightforward thing any one person can do is simply to try to be more mindful of packaging and ingredients. It is encouraging to see more and more consumers becoming avid label readers, recognizing ingredients that may not be as friendly to the environment and choosing 'cleaner' alternatives.

If you're not already a label reader, start here: avoid products that contain harsh synthetic detergents and synthetic fragrance – or, worse still, don't list the ingredients on the package at all. Opt for products that use plant-based ingredients – which are generally much more rapidly biodegradable – and essential oil aroma. Already a pro when it comes to scanning labels? Look for ways to reduce consumption of products that are packaged in plastic, whether it is recyclable or not. Opt for products that are packaged in glass or aluminum containers, and choose products that contain a minimal amount of excess packaging, like unnecessary boxes or bags.

At SunLeaf, all our products are made from whole plant ingredients and 100% pure essential oil aroma; all our formulas are fully non-toxic and biodegradable. Furthermore, we strive to choose packaging options that are fully recyclable, made from recycled materials, and, in some cases, even biodegradable. 

Your BIG Impact – Our Thanks to You

We've given you some tips about how to become more aware of how your choices impact the environment – here are some statistics about how your purchases have made a positive impact:

Shampoo & Body Soap

We developed our Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Soap in 2007 with the intention of providing a plastic-, synthetic detergent-, and preservative-free alternative to traditional liquid shampoos and body washes.

Thanks to our wonderful customers who have chosen this product over products packaged in plastic bottles, we have:

  • Prevented over 190,000 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream
  • Conserved approximately 36,000 gallons of fresh water (used to dilute synthetic detergents in liquid shampoo & body wash)
  • Eliminated the need for more than 1000 lbs of synthetic preservatives

What does this mean? Read more about plastic pollution here. 

GreenBar Shave + Face Soap

Thanks to our customers who have chosen our GreenBar Shave + Face Soap over shave products packaged in pressurized bottles, we have prevented over 10,000 cans with propellant from entering the waste stream.

PlantScent® Moisture Stick

Thanks to our customers who have chosen our PlantScent® Moisture Stick over stick moisturizers packaged in plastic tubes, we have prevented over 30,000 plastic tubes from entering the waste stream. The unique paper tube packaging we use for our PlantScent® Moisture Stick is fully-biodegradable.

PlantScent® Soothing Body Oil

Thanks to our customers who have chosen our PlantScent® Soothing Body Oil, which, unlike a traditional body lotion contains no water, no synthetic preservatives, and no plastic bottle, we have prevented both waste and pollution. Thank you!

How to Do Even More

As you can see, choosing products like ours can really make a measurable impact. Want to do more? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make your own non-toxic household cleaners using our Fresh & Clean Kitchen Collection plus some basic household ingredients
  • Replace home air fresheners made with synthetic fragrances – most of which contain endocrine-disrupting phthalates – with a Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser
  • Bring your own bags to the grocery store, and if you forget them at home, choose paper, rather than plastic

Happy Earth Day, Everyday from all of us here at SunLeaf!


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I love your body oils-I went to buy it at my Fresh Thyme Store and the girl told me they don’t sell it there no more so here I am exploring all the new items and especially eager to try the shampoo/bath bars-Thank you
Cindy Babe

Cindy Babe

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Hi Florence,

Yes, we are launching NEW three-packs of our 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas! Here’s the link!



Wondering if you plan on any Mother’s Day packages this year?
Thanks . Florence Hanson

Florence Hanson

Hi Cj – so glad you are enjoying the Shampoo & Body Soap so far! Thanks for visiting!
– The SunLeaf Team


I ordered bar soap and have been enjoying the first one of 4 different scents.
I will be exploring new items from sun leaf in the future