At SunLeaf, we blend pure essential oils to create beautiful aromas for everyday healthy living. 

Through the art and science of blending, we carefully combine 100% pure essential oils and absolutes to create beautiful aroma accords. In the realm of aroma, an accord is more than just an 'agreement' between individual scent ingredients – it's a phenomenon whereby the chemistry of unique essential oils transforms when they mix to become something that has a completely different olfactory (scent) characteristic from the starting ingredients. In layman's terms: lavender, citrus, herbs and spices combine to produce something truly unique – botanical scent for which the sum is much greater than the parts.

Our aromas are complex, balanced, refined – all qualities you want in scents you'll experience throughout your home, each and every day. Fundamentally, it really is all about pure joy – the joy of scent. After all, we believe you'll get the most benefit from an aroma that you actually enjoy. 

New Year, New Aromas to Experience

With that in mind, we've been working hard on two unique new Signature Scents: Patchouli Lime and Cardamom CopaibaDrawing from a palette of some of the most rare and precious aromatic essences in the world, Patchouli Lime and Cardamom Copaiba juxtapose with one-another as two unique expressions of scent with a shared warm woodsy undertone.

  • Patchouli Lime is an awakening and restorative aroma, featuring a heart of earthy patchouli and heady marjoram, brightened with top notes of zesty lime and sparkling bergamot, plus a touch of sharp black pepper. 
  • Cardamom Copaiba is a soothing and clarifying aroma, featuring a heart of warm Brazilian copaiba resin, rounded out with spicy undertones of cardamom and clove, plus a touch of sweet vanilla.

Available from mid-January in our 100% Pure Essential Oil Aroma collection, we hope you'll love these new scents as much as we do! They're perfect for use in an ultrasonic diffuser or in do-it-yourself recipes for bath, body, and home.

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