A Scent for the Season

Each fall, SunLeaf Naturals President and Master Formulator Teresa Andrys begins anew the process of gathering, evaluating, and blending the raw materials needed to create our signature holiday aroma, BayBerry Balsam. The aroma can be described as the harmonious collision of several unique balsam fir oils, plus spicy clove and precious bayberry essence – a truly special natural ingredient. But what is bayberry anyway, and what makes it unique?

Red Gold

Bayberry, or Myrica, is a genus of several dozen species of related plants, most of which are evergreen. These plants produce crimson red berries, but despite their alluring appearance, they are coated with a natural wax, making them indigestible to most hungry predators.

 American Colonists realized that boiling bayberry fruits removed their green-tinged wax coating, which could then be siphoned off and used to make candles. Beyond merely providing light, they were also beautifully aromatic.

The Tradition

Bayberry candles were said to burn more brightly than other candles available during the Colonial Era; therefore, they were reserved for special occasions, like holiday celebrations. It was perhaps for this reason that they became associated with good fortune – as the saying went, "Bayberry candles burned to the socket, bring health to the home and wealth to the pocket."

Honoring the Spirit of the Bayberry Candle

Given the history and symbolism of the bayberry candle, there's no more appropriate time than the holiday season to celebrate it with our own modern version.

At SunLeaf, we've combined the wax and essence of bayberry with other traditional holiday notes, like warming clove and aromatic balsam fir, to create an aroma bouquet that is truly evocative of this season

And although our BayBerry Balsam Candle in Glass and Votive Candle Set are perhaps the most literal translations of the bayberry tradition, we also offer an assortment of accompanying products, from our Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser to our Pure Essential Oil Aroma and Room Mist. And new for this year is our Scented Pinecone Gift Set, which gives you a whole new way to adorn your holiday table!

As you celebrate the season of Pure Joy, we hope you'll add bayberry as a timeless symbol of good fortune. Enjoy!

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I just purchased your Bayberry/Balsam reed diffuser. What a wonderful and clean scent, great for the holidays!

Sonja Grimm