In Minnesota, fall turns into winter in what feels like the blink of an eye. Last week, we were raking leaves; this week, we are shoveling the first dusting of snow off the driveway. Yikes! Just as quickly as the weather changes, so too, does skin – with the cold comes dryness, irritation, and a general feeling of skin discomfort. But there are a few ways you can amp up your routine to help provide resilience against the cold. Here are a few of our favorite ways to stave off the winter skin blues:

1. Switch up your total body cleanser

Our Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Soap is a great foundation for any bathing routine. Made with a blend of soothing plant oils plus 100% essential oil aroma, it cleanses total body from head to toe, without leaving skin feeling dry or tight. 

Skin already extremely dry? Try our Bee-Friendly Honey Soap! It's made with whole plant oils and essential oil aroma, plus SunLeaf honey, propolis, and beeswax, which help to attract and lock in needed moisture. Choose from a sunny citrus or luxe floral aroma.

2. Apply a body oil after bath or shower 

Warm water opens the skin, making it particularly receptive to moisture – that's why it's especially important to moisturize skin in the winter after bath or shower, before it cools off and becomes susceptible to dryness.

Our PlantScent® Soothing Body Oil provides serious benefits for skin, with a blend of seven whole plant oils – safflower, meadowfoam, olive, avocado, jojoba, grapeseed, and hemp seed – rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids that skin needs for resiliency. It's superbly hydrating, yet surprisingly lightweight – no greasy after-feel or transfer onto clothing or bedding. Available in five fabulous 100% essential oil aromas to suit your mood.

3. Spot moisturize on-the-go

Dry lips, cheeks, knuckles, and elbows are no match for our PlantScent® Moisture Stick – a vegan and cruelty-free formula made with coconut and avocado oils, plus buttery plant waxes and cocoa butter, it glides on like a dream and melts right into skin, making it soft and gently scented with the aroma of 100% pure essential oils.

Use wherever and whenever skin needs a little bit of extra moisture – this portable stick is spill-proof and ready to roll with you, wherever you go.

4. Get your balm on

For seriously fragile or wind-burned skin, look for products that help to form an occlusive barrier – blocking moisture from escaping while preventing cold, dry air from getting in. Our petroleum-free Moisturizing Body Balm fits the bill nicely, with a blend of richly moisturizing sweet almond and avocado oils, plus cruelty-free beeswax. 

5. Be proactive!

This may seem obvious, but it bears mentioning: It's easier to prevent irritated skin than it is to correct it. Incorporate gentle, soothing products into your everyday routine and skin will flourish. 

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