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Urbane Bamboo - SunLeaf Naturals®

Urbane Bamboo

$ 59.99

Organic charm and a fresh design make the GreenAir Urbane a delightful way to experience the health benefits of essential oils, while adding a splash of contemporary style to any room. The clean form and natural bamboo texture combine with...
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USB Breeze - SunLeaf Naturals® Sold out

USB Breeze

$ 9.99

This portable unit plugs directly into a full-power USB 2.0 port for aromatherapy in the office and on-the-go. Simply add up to 10 drops of essential oil to the included felt pad to begin. Color: Black Diffusing Modes: Continuous /...
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Walk in the Woods Essential Oil Aroma Trio
Discover the Diverse World of Warm Woodsy Aromas Our 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas are made from steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils, lot-tested and certified for purity. This set contains a trio of warm, woodsy 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas to restore and revitalize. What's...
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