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La Brisa Sold out

La Brisa

$ 19.99

The beautiful La Brisa infuses a room without the need to fill (and refill) a water reservoir. Use anywhere without the fear of drips or spills. Add 15-30 drops of essential oil to the included pads and press the power...
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Lux Glow Breccia
Inspired by the look of mineral-infused breccia rock, Lux Glow Breccia features a long run time of up to 14 hours and a unique faux candle interior finish. This unit is a stunning addition to any space. Misting Modes: Continuous / Intermittent / Off...
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Lux Glow Granite Sold out
Inspired by the look of raw natural granite stone, Lux Glow Granite features a long run time of up to 14 hours and a unique faux candle interior finish. This unit is a stunning addition to any space. Color: White/Grey/Espresso Misting Modes: Continuous / Intermittent...
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Moisturizing Body Balm - SunLeaf Naturals®
This all-around, plant-based balm is formulated for the entire body. Rich and moisturizing whole plant oils and sustainably-sourced beeswax work together to soothe and protect dry, chapped hands and feet through all four seasons. Use this balm on hands, arms, feet, legs,...
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Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Soap
Cleanse and moisturize from head to toe with our Shampoo & Body Soap! This 5 oz bar soap lathers into a rich, moisturizing shampoo and body soap — all in one! Hand-crafted exclusively from pure plant-derived ingredients and essential oil scents,...
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Natural Pillar Candle - SunLeaf Naturals®
Enhance your home’s décor with our original Pillar Candles, available in seven pure scents. Made from an exclusive, clean-burning blend of sustainably-sourced beeswax, plant waxes, and 100% pure essential oils. Petroleum-free and made without synthetic fragrance. Relax, breathe deep and enjoy....
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Natural Reed Bouquet
Refresh your Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser with new reeds. The perfect partner to our Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Refill, this bouquet contains eight 10" long natural reeds. We recommend replacing the reeds in your diffuser each time you refill...
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Petals & Blooms Essential Oil Aroma Trio
Explore the Wonderful World of Floral Aromas Our 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas are made from steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils, lot-tested and certified for purity. This set contains a trio of fresh floral 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas to soothe & rejuvenate the senses. What's...
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PlantScent® Aromatherapy Perfume - SunLeaf Naturals®
Enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils and aromatherapy anywhere, anytime with this beautiful, roll-on perfume. Available in five signature aromas, PlantScent® Aromatherapy Perfume combines 100% pure essential oils with a base of soothing jojoba oil for a nourishing application that leaves...
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PlantScent® Green Bar Shave & Face Soap
For the smoothest shave, even on sensitive skin, there's nothing better than GreenBar™ Formulated to be gentle on faces and sensitive skin, GreenBar™ is made with only pure plant ingredients and scented with 100% pure essential oils. Infused with green clay...
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PlantScent® Moisture Stick - SunLeaf Naturals®
Smooth and soothe dry skin with this on-the-go moisturizing stick. PlantScent® Aroma + Skin Therapy Moisture Stick is a lightweight, vegan formula featuring a unique blend of plant oils and waxes, plus pure essential oil aroma. Available in four signature...
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PlantScent® Soothing Body Oil - SunLeaf Naturals®
Infuse skin with vital moisture plus pure essential oil aroma. PlantScent® Aroma + Skin Therapy Soothing Body Oil is a lightweight daily moisturizer. Made with a blend of non-greasy meadowfoam seed, jojoba, grapeseed, and other nourishing whole plant oils, our Soothing...
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Portable Diffuser Refill Pads
These refill pad multi-packs for portable diffuser units will allow you to continue to enjoy the benefits of essential oils on-the-go. Simply discard your used pads and replace with new ones as needed. Which Pads Do I Need? Style A: Pack...
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Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser
Bring a touch of nature into your home with our exclusive Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers. Our Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffusers contain no alcohol, water, petrochemicals, or preservatives – only 100% pure essential oils – a SunLeaf exclusive! Available in...
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Reed Diffuser Refill – 2 fl. oz
The sustainable and cost-effective way to refill your reed diffuser. Top off your existing pure essential oil reed diffuser economically with our 2 oz Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser refill cartridge. Packaged in recyclable glass for zero waste, just decant...
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Scent Trekker - SunLeaf Naturals®

Scent Trekker

$ 29.99

Perfect for confined spaces, this compact diffuser is your new aromatherapy ally. The gentle mist output makes the Scent Trekker both convenient and personal. Whether you are on the road or in the office, you can create an atmosphere of health and comfort....
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Spa Vapor Plus - SunLeaf Naturals®

Spa Vapor Plus

$ 39.99

The most affordable yet reliable diffuser on the market, the GreenAir Spa Vapor Plus is a high-output diffuser that will meet your aromatherapy needs for years to come. Size: 4” x 4” x 6” Capacity: 150 ml Run time: Up...
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SpaMister Marble - SunLeaf Naturals® Sold out
The SpaMister Marble is a hand-blown marble glass pattern inspired by natural stone in our classic spa vase shape. Get the most out of your aromatherapy experience with this powerful and graceful machine. Color: Grey/White Misting Modes: Continuous / Off Light Modes:...
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SunLeaf Apiaries™ Honey - SunLeaf Naturals®
100% Pure, Raw & Authentic Honey Introducing SunLeaf Apiaries™ honey, a raw, wildcrafted honey sourced directly from our very own hives at the SunLeaf Apiaries™ near the Seminary Fen Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) on the Minnesota River. Our honey...
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Tara Sold out


$ 59.99

An elegant white diffuser hand-crafted from real ceramic in a simple but captivating design with a faux flame candle. Turn on the warm white or colored lights to transform the piece. Ready to mist essential oils in your space with...
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Tranquil Garden Essential Oil Aroma Trio
Discover a World of Solitude with Relaxing Aromas Our 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas are made from steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils, lot-tested and certified for purity. This set contains a trio of soothing & relaxing 100% Pure Essential Oil Aromas to promote balance and alleviate...
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Travel Kit - Aura Sold out
With the Aura Scent Traveler Kit, diffuse your favorite essential oils on the go in a new way. Color: Gray / White / Multicolor accent Misting Modes: Continuous / Off Light Modes: Warm White / Color Rotating / Fixed / Off...
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Tulip Glass - SunLeaf Naturals®

Tulip Glass

$ 44.99

The USB Tulip Hand-Blown Glass Diffuser mimics a flower bud vase and distributes oils into your home while changing different soft colors. It is simple elegant, and beautiful aromatherapy usage. Color: White Misting Modes: Continuous / Off Light Modes: Warm...
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Ultimate Relaxation Deluxe Collection
Gift the gift of ultimate relaxation with this deluxe assortment. ClarySage Lavender is our fan-favorite relaxing aroma. This gift set features everything needed to create a total spa experience at home – five products for body and home in our signature ClarySage Lavender...
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