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Cleanse and moisturize from head to toe with our Shampoo & Body Soap! This 5 oz bar soap lathers into a rich, moisturizing shampoo and body soap — all in one! Hand-crafted exclusively from pure plant-derived ingredients and essential oil scents,...
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PlantScent® Soothing Body Oil - SunLeaf Naturals®
Infuse skin with vital moisture plus pure essential oil aroma. PlantScent® Aroma + Skin Therapy Soothing Body Oil is a lightweight daily moisturizer. Made with a blend of non-greasy meadowfoam seed, jojoba, grapeseed, and other nourishing whole plant oils, our Soothing...
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PlantScent® Moisture Stick - SunLeaf Naturals®
Smooth and soothe dry skin with this on-the-go moisturizing stick. PlantScent® Aroma + Skin Therapy Moisture Stick is a lightweight, vegan formula featuring a unique blend of plant oils and waxes, plus pure essential oil aroma. Available in four signature...
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PlantScent® Aromatherapy Perfume - SunLeaf Naturals®
Enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils and aromatherapy anywhere, anytime with this beautiful, roll-on perfume. Available in five signature aromas, PlantScent® Aromatherapy Perfume combines 100% pure essential oils with a base of soothing jojoba oil for a nourishing application that leaves...
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Our plant based solid hair conditioner is professionally formulated to provide you with soft, naturally radiant hair. With no water-filler, our concentrated formula interacts with the micro-structure of your hair to revitalize it to its natural best. Also our minimalist,...
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Moisturizing Body Balm - SunLeaf Naturals®
This all-around, plant-based balm is formulated for the entire body. Rich and moisturizing whole plant oils and sustainably-sourced beeswax work together to soothe and protect dry, chapped hands and feet through all four seasons. Use this balm on hands, arms, feet, legs,...
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Bee-Friendly Honey Soap
Nourishing Formula with SunLeaf Honey & Propolis from our Apiaries in Chaska, MN. This nourishing formula combines the gentle cleansing of pure plant ingredients with the amazing hydrating power of honey. Honey is a natural humectant and helps to retain...
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Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Cedar Soap Raft - SunLeaf Naturals®
Raise the bar with our Cedar Soap Raft. Our Cedar Soap Raft helps prevent your Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Purifying Soap from becoming soft between uses, prolonging the life of your bar. Each raft is handcrafted from natural cedar wood and...
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PlantScent® Green Bar Shave & Face Soap
For the smoothest shave, even on sensitive skin, there's nothing better than GreenBar™ Formulated to be gentle on faces and sensitive skin, GreenBar™ is made with only pure plant ingredients and scented with 100% pure essential oils. Infused with green clay...
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