Bee-Friendly Honey Soap
Nourishing Formula with SunLeaf Honey & Propolis from our Apiaries in Chaska, MN. This nourishing formula combines the gentle cleansing of pure plant ingredients with the amazing hydrating power of honey. Honey is a natural humectant and helps to retain...
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Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Air Purifying Spray
Eliminate unwanted odors and add a burst of freshness to your space. Made with 100% pure Grapefruit, Tea Tree, and other pure essential oils, this spray is specially formulated to cleanse and freshen the air, eliminating unwanted odors. How to Use A fresher...
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Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Cedar Soap Raft - SunLeaf Naturals®
Raise the bar with our Cedar Soap Raft. Our Cedar Soap Raft helps prevent your Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Purifying Soap from becoming soft between uses, prolonging the life of your bar. Each raft is handcrafted from natural cedar wood and...
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Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Purifying Soap
Raise the Bar with Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Purifying Soap Equivalent to a 16 oz bottle of liquid detergent, this bar soap is specially formulated to naturally clean and help disinfect with pure essential oils of grapefruit and tea tree. Make a cold...
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Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Purifying Essential Oil Blend
Pure joy, clean and simple... This 100% pure essential oil blend featuring grapefruit and tea tree is specially formulated to clean and freshen kitchen surfaces. Grapefruit and Tea Tree essential oils are well known for their disinfecting properties and beautifully combine...
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SunLeaf Apiaries™ Honey - SunLeaf Naturals®
100% Pure, Raw & Authentic Honey Introducing SunLeaf Apiaries™ honey, a raw, wildcrafted honey sourced directly from our very own hives at the SunLeaf Apiaries™ near the Seminary Fen Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) on the Minnesota River. Our honey...
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Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ Collection - SunLeaf Naturals®
Completely Clean. 100% Pure Plant Ingredients. Experience pure joy, clean and simple. Fresh & Clean Kitchen™ is a three-piece kitchen cleaning collection featuring a fresh, 100% essential oil aroma with purifying Grapefruit & Tea Tree.  Formulated without petroleum products, sulfates, silicone, synthetic fragrances, colorants, or preservatives.  ...
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