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USB Breeze - SunLeaf Naturals®

USB Breeze

$ 9.99

This portable unit plugs directly into a full-power USB 2.0 port for aromatherapy in the office and on-the-go. Simply add up to 10 drops of essential oil to the included felt pad to begin. Color: Black Diffusing Modes: Continuous /...
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La Brisa

La Brisa

$ 19.99

The beautiful La Brisa infuses a room without the need to fill (and refill) a water reservoir. Use anywhere without the fear of drips or spills. Add 15-30 drops of essential oil to the included pads and press the power...
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AromaSphere - SunLeaf Naturals®


$ 14.99

This portable, fan-powered unit uses no water, making it appropriate for smaller spaces like offices, vehicles, or bathrooms. Available in a variety of stylish colors. Size: 4” x 4” x 4” Capacity: 10-15 Drops of Essential Oil Run time: Continuous...
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Kanalu - SunLeaf Naturals®


$ 44.99

This decorative diffuser is simple, yet impressive. Made of white hand-blown glass, its design is inspired by the soft ripples of the ocean. Plug in ready with a USB cord included. Warm white and color rotating lights add more luxury...
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Tulip Glass - SunLeaf Naturals®

Tulip Glass

$ 44.99

The USB Tulip Hand-Blown Glass Diffuser mimics a flower bud vase and distributes oils into your home while changing different soft colors. It is simple elegant, and beautiful aromatherapy usage. Color: White Misting Modes: Continuous / Off Light Modes: Warm...
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Breezy - SunLeaf Naturals®


$ 29.99

Looking for a workhorse diffuser with mistingstamina? The Breezy is a machine with the grit foreveryday use. It delivers your favorite oils and blendsfor up to six hours helping to harness the naturalpower in your essential oil collection. Size: 4”...
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